Scoring approach

Questions/Indicators of the Analytical Framework have been constructed in such a way to capture local governance dynamics. Each criteria is composed of several sub-criteria and the latter by some indicators / questions that require evaluation. Normally the Indicators will be measured through different data sources and therefore for each dimension of the analytical framework there is a specification of the data source from which will be obtained the evaluation. Thus, through these indicators, various stakeholders (municipal representatives / officials, community citizens, and representatives of civil society and entrepreneurship) have evaluated respectively several aspects of the local administration activity based on personal knowledge and perceptions.

These evaluations are provided through different research methods such as:

  1. Municipality Focus Group (MFG);
  2. Citizen Report Card (CRC);
  3. Community Dialogues (CD); and
  4. Desk Research (DR)

The diagram below shows the composition and calculating method of the evaluation. A scoring scale has been developed for each question/indicator. The scoring approach is based on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 represents “No governance” and 100 represents the “Full/Perfect Governance”.

Moreover, there are many questions that will be addressed to different stakeholders, municipal officials and community, in order to achieve all the necessary perceptions and perspective and to ensure a comprehensive framework. In this case, the final assessment is the average value of all the results obtained from all sources for each criterion and the latter resulting from an average of the respective sub-criteria. These data have been validated and supplemented with quality information gathered through discussions at the Focus Group in the Municipality, in the Community Dialogue, and through Deep Interviews with key municipal officials. For more information concerning the methodology of this assignment please refer to Local Governance Mapping Methodology in Albania.